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I want to bring something up to my followers right quick before I log off for the night.

These are some messages that showed up in a dear friend of mine’s inbox. They are in reference to a post about cisphobia specifically.

When you talk about cisphobia, and heterophobia, and claim it doesn’t exist and that majority members aren’t burdened with problems, I want you to remember this post.

These are messages sent specifically for her, to try and trigger her. Now, this particular friend of mine has survived more abuse and hardship than I care to recount, but needless to say, is one of the strongest people I know.

And over one single post, that wasn’t even on her blog to begin with, triggered this nonsense.

Take a good hard look at these. All of them degrade her for being cisgendered. Two of them claim she couldn’t possibly know anything about “struggling.” One is a rather graphic death threat. All over an immutable trait she cannot possibly have helped.

If the situation were reversed and her inbox were filled with “tranny scum fucktard” do you think I would even be having to post this? No. It would have blown up, nobody would have thought twice about it.

But you claim that this is “venting.” That being oppressed somehow grants you the right to be a special breed of hateful. That your struggle grants you the right to tell a self-harm recoverer that she ought to slit her throat, that her struggle is irrelevant.

This is what your movement has become. Take a good, hard look at your brand of “equality.” You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Lol cis idiots cisphobia dont exist, stop making posts about it cause this is what fucking happens. Quit tryna one up us so bad

And how dare you use “tr*nny” piece of shit cis scum. This is why we hate you, you’re fucking worthless and love to be victims. Fuck outta here

Literally remove your trachea with a circular saw, pesthouse

Cry more cis shit

Literally rev up a drill and shove it so far into your eye you quit twitching

"Literally" shove you’re terrible come backs up your ass as I dont care

Next cis shit please

Wow. Actually yeah, cisphobia does exist. You’re exhibiting it right now. If you’re really concerned with trans rights, why don’t you get off the internet amd actually do something instead of hiding on the internet and being a bully to people for things they can’t control. Like their gender identity.

Do you understand what transphobia is

When I kill you for being cis you can cry to me

I’m trans… yeah, I know exactly what transphobia is. And just because some cis people are transphobic doesn’t make it okay for you to threaten to kill me because you thought I was cis.

Wow you’re a hypocrite. “DON’T JUDGE ME BASED ON MY GENDER IDENTITY BECAUSE I CAN’T HELP IT! BUT CIS PEOPLE CAN CRY CIS TEARS WHEN I KILL THEM!” Yep. You sure showed me the light. Damn. How misguided I was. See… I was under the impression that cis people were born that way. That they can’t help it. You’re no better than a bully, picking on people on the internet to make yourself feel accomplished. You don’t care about trans rights. If you did, you’d stop giving the trans community a bad name with your shitty attitude. Here’s a thought. Stop speaking for trans people. Keep your cisphobic bullshit to yourself because I’m sick and tired of people telling me that they used to care about trans rights until cisphobic assholes like you attacked them. Because that’s a damn great way to change things, isn’t it? To be mean to someone who has never done anything to you just based on their gender identity.

Who’s the real monster here? I don’t think its hard to see the answer to that.







Signal boosting in case anyone needed to know this. 

This is informative as heck. Show this to everyone!

This is actually some great info! Why can’t they teach this kind of thing in school??

Wow, I’ve taken health and sex ed three times during my educational process and never learned any of this. Thanks.

Definitely some important information here!

this is supa awesome.  i do think it should be noted that side effects of EC *really* vary.  when I took EC I didn’t have any symptoms whatsoever.  

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24x45+47= 1127

what kind of fucking asshole does that how the fuck do you change the password on SOMOENE ELSE’S PERSONAL DEVICE and then give them a math problem beyond their skill level to solve (i mean honestly a lot of 6th graders dont know PEMDAS) like this teacher is trash fuck this

i am retaking algebra 1 b/c i literally cannot think in algebra. i took prealg twice. this would make me cry.

what an awful teacher.

So we are blaming the teacher for the kid messing up? It’s called a calculator. Plug it in. At least he got it back. In my school we had to wait till the end of the year.

is it me or is everyone much quicker to judge the teacher than the student? 

fuck that who the fuck gave their 6th grade kid a fucking ipad

As a teacher myself, it is so frustrating trying to teach when students are not paying attention and instead playing on their electronic devices.

It is so irresponsible of the parent to allow their 6th grade child to bring their ipad to school, risking it being stolen. And when it does, who gets the blame? The school.

Not the student. Not the parents.
But the school for not looking after their child’s belongings.

So you know what people complaining about the teacher. Put yourself in the teacher’s shoes. There had to have been a reason WHY it was confiscated in the first place. Maybe he was mucking around in Math class, that’s why it got taken away.

And it’s simple BOMDAS, brackets over multiplication, division, addition, subraction. Not algebra. Go back to middle school if you can’t solve that. Or pick up a fucking calculator.

As a person who tutors a sixth grader in math, he has known PEMDAS for two years and could solve this problem with a little effort. Y’all are dumb this teacher is clever.

also that fraction simplifies to 45^2/45 it’s not even that hard

seriously, kid shouldn’t be dicking around in class

This is actually genius. “Congrats you little shit, you fucked around in my class for the last time. Do your homework.”

This isn’t a “fuck the teacher what an asshole” kind of scenario. This is a “fucking kids aren’t even trying to learn” kind of scenario. 

I spent all of chem and study hall crying and hyperventilating because I had a horrible anxiety attack and what does my mom say “ask to go get a drink” Does she really think if I’m hyperventilating I will be able to get up and walk out of class!?! I also had a full water bottle in front of me so I would have looked stupid with how bad my anxiety is these past few months I don’t know how she can look me it the face and tell me nothing is wrong and I need to get a grip!   




The Guillemot is a seabird that lays its eggs on a bare rock ledge on a cliff face. When an egg is accidentally dislodged, its shape causes it to spin in a tight circle, which prevents it from falling off the ledge into the sea. (Springwatch - BBC)

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking awesome this is?

These eggs no doubt started out like all other avian eggs, but they had the problem of rolling off the cliffs. The eggs that were slightly more oblong tended to roll off the cliffs less, and thus the genes contained in those eggs lived to be passed on. Fast forward a few million years, and BAM tight-circle eggs. 

Naturally selected for your viewing pleasure. 

Natural selection is a beautiful thing 

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